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What Version of City of Cincinnati Tax Abatement should I look at? Depends on the year.

City of Cincinnati Tax Abatement

Here are a couple quick links to the information for the city of Cincinnati tax abatement directly from the city website! It's all about your permit date. In years past it's when the permit was approved. 2023 changes seem to be when the permit is accepted NOT approved. Please check with city on this! Do NOT just take our word for it. We get confused all the time by the government and how they interpret the rules!

2022 Program Changes

2023 Program Changes

Department of Community & Economic Development

Two Centennial Plaza

805 Central Avenue Suite 700

Cincinnati, OH 45202


For more information on Residential Tax Abatement visit:

Areas that quality for the LEED Tax Abatement:

Hyde Park

Mt. Lookout


Columbia Tusculum

Mt. Adams



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